Royal College of Art student Thomas Gossner has rethought the design of public, space-saving fold-out chairs, creating a swing-like seat made from a single sheet of thermoplastic.
The chair's extending mechanism works using four simple folds, or "hinges", both ends of the scored polypropylene sheet feature a dark yellow metal attachment with three holes, these align with three orange fixtures, inserted at three different points in a flat wall, to which the seat can be secured.
Gossner chose polypropylene for the chair as the material is both durable and flexible, allowing the seat to bend yet remain stable, in addition to being easy to clean.
The seat, which is designed to hold at least 200 kilograms, proposes an alternative to other, ordinary fold-out chairs installed in public spaces like the London Underground, which are often upholstered in fabric or require many more elements to produce.