Called the Poem Pavilion, the structure will be the first UK Pavilion created by a female designer. It will feature an illuminated "message to space" made up of numerous AI-generated poems, which the Expo's anticipated 25 million visitors will be invited to contribute to.
The 20-metre-high, cone-shaped pavilion will be made up of rows of protruding slats that extend outwards from one central point to form a circular facade. Poems lit up in LEDs will scroll across the facade.
With poetry in Arabic, Chinese and French, as well as English, Devlin hopes that the pavilion will give visitors from all countries and cultures, a sense of unification.
Inside the pavilion is the Choral Space, which will be filled with a collective choral soundtrack, including choirs from every continent.
According to the Devlin, the concept was inspired by one of physicist Stephen Hawking's final projects from 2015 called Breakthrough Message. This was a global competition that invited people to create digital messages that would represent humanity, if we ever encounter other advanced civilisations.