This "Harry Potter"-themed vacation rental has eight themed rooms that transport guests to the most iconic locations from the films and books.
The villa is located in Florida just 30 minutes away from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando.
Easter eggs from the books and films are hidden throughout the rental house, as well as Horcruxes for guests to find throughout their stay.
It's currently listed on Airbnb for around $305 per night, plus fees, but prices may vary.
The fastest way to Hogwarts is via the Hogwarts Express room on platform 9 ¾.
But if you miss the train, you can also take a flying car.
The stairs don't move here, but they are lined with portraits and paintings.
The Diagon Alley room comes with a dragon and a bright-blue wand-repair shop window.
You can also sleep in your house dormitory of choice. The Gryffindor room is for the daring, courageous, and brave.
Then there is the less-flashy Hufflepuff dorm.
Or you can be a Ravenclaw for the night.
Of course, if you're feeling ambitious, there's always the Slytherin room.
You can also opt to sleep in Dumbledore's office.
When you're not asleep, you can search the house for hidden Horcruxes.
If you really want the full "Harry Potter" experience, you can hang out in the cupboard under the stairs.
Don't be late for breakfast in the Great Hall.
Other fun activities include playing in the Quidditch room.
You can also binge all of the films in the Forbidden Forest-themed home theater.
There is also an outdoor space with a heated pool, a hot tub, and a huge chessboard.