Florence’s centuries-old cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the magnificent Duomo, is slated to reopen to the public soon after closing its doors on 10 March for lockdown. In anticipation of welcoming visitors once again, officials in the cathedral complex (a Unesco World Heritage site and one of Italy's most visited attractions) have stated they will provide wearable social distancing sensors to visitors to help them stay apart while browsing the museum's Renaissance art and architectural wonders.
The small sensor is a world first for a museum and will be provided to visitors upon arrival, free of charge. It's attached to a ribbon that can be worn around a person's neck and will beep, vibrate and flash when social distancing guidelines are breached i.e. when visitors get within a range of two metres (6.5 feet) of each other. The devices are anonymous and don’t track personal data and will be sanitised between use, the museum confirmed in a statement. As well as social distancing sensors, the Duomo requires that all visitors wear face