A Dutch company called Hardt Hyperloop announced that it may soon be able to construct a low-energy, super fast train that could take travelers from Paris to Amsterdam in about 90 minutes, Lonely Planet reported.
The company is dedicated to working on urban decongestion, overpopulation, better access to rural areas, and "all of which inhibits human potential," according to the Hardt Hyperloop website.
According to the company's research, the new train could be a reality for many travelers as soon as 2028, Lonely Planet reported. The company has been focusing on five major routes that could potentially change how people commute and travel on a daily basis.
The company believes this could drastically change how people see their home and work life, making it infinitely easier for people to go to work in Amsterdam but live in more affordable, nearby cities. The hyperloop train, according to the Hardt Hyperloop website, would depart from stations every few minutes, so getting from point A to point B may be as simple as people getting onto the New York City subway or London Underground.
Connecting international cities could also stand to impact air travel by offering a more energy-efficient way to get around continental Europe. With so many people opting to swear off air travel in an effort to be more eco-conscious, the train could be an excellent solution for people who still wish to travel longer distances.
While this new innovation is still nearly a decade away, it certainly raises hopes for better travel experiences in the future.