Ditch, whose film Munro (1960) won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, died on Thursday (16 April) in Prague (Czech Republic) according to his Czech publisher; Cause of death unknown. Earlier this year, Asterix producer Albert Udero passed away, and fans are still mourning. Ditch’s death is a double whammy to grieve the loss of his childhood, especially during times such as those caused by a coronovirus epidemic.
A master craftsman of animation during his time, Ditch is also known for the famous Czech cartoon series Here Nudnik, and Crazy Cat, the spinach-gulping, squint-eyed sailor Popeye.
 Now 75 years old, Tom the Cat and Jerry the House Mouse are still going with each other in the form of a stick, an ax, a bomb, a saw, a weighed head, and 10,000 other dispatches, either of which Also not a fatal outcome, and all that with CL-based animation.
Ditch’s works are unique in their way of making their mark,  whether it’s a foster-eating sailor or a cat that doesn’t actually eat a rat. But it caused inhuman non-equalization, which awarded him the 2004 Winsor McKay Award in 2004 for his lifetime contribution to animation.