Khawla Art Gallery is  delighted to invite you to a solo exhibition titled “Song of The Flower" by artist Esraa Zidan at Khawla Art Gallery, Dubai . In collaboration with Azad Gallery, Cairo, The exhibition will run from December 7, 2023 until January 7, 2024

Born in 1990, Esraa Zidan is an Egyptian artist and assistant lecturer at Helwan University. With a master's degree in "Human Anatomy for Artists” Her art, focused on the human body and beauty, has been showcased in over 20 international exhibitions.

In Esraa Zidan's captivating realm, women radiate with an infectious joy, their spirits perpetually aglow. Their forms, like majestic vessels of life, exude a mesmerizing beauty, defying the conventional notions of proportion. They are the embodiment of vitality, their vibrant existence painted with the most radiant hues of the imagination. Titled Song of the Flower after a poem by Khalil Gibran (1931-1883), this body of work is inspired by a particularly difficult period in Zidan’s life, marked by the recent passing of her grandmother, who was a significant figure in her life and a profound influence. Her grief and struggle blossomed into flowers, painted onto colourful dresses, on patterned floors and curtains, into bright bushes, green gardens, whimsical swings, and flower-crowns.

Join us for the opening on December 7th,2023 at 6:00 pm at Khawla Art Gallery For a wonderful chance to experience the creativity of Esraa Zidan, meet her, and hear her inspiring stories.