With a steady hand on her brush, Saudi artist Raghda Turkistani paints images and writes personalized messages in calligraphy on carpets.

“I wanted to pursue something that would be a reflection of my artistic nature, so I fell in love with the carpet industry and turned it into a business . Her meticulous painting on luxurious Persian and Arabian carpets using bright colors has resulted in myriad unique masterpieces.

A mother of three, who majored in psychology, Turkistani also encouraged her children to pursue art because she believes that having a creative skill is crucial for mental wellness.“Having a creative hobby is important for mental health because it generates energy. It makes me feel like my passion is being renewed,” she said.

My kids have their own section in my office where they can draw and enjoy coloring.” Turkistani began her creative journey by printing on door mats, wood and other materials, but her work on carpets gained the most recognition as many businesses requested customized designs from her.

Turkistani, a social media manager by profession, initially chose the field to promote her art. She used the skills she gained from her profession to create her TikTok and Instagram content. 

Turkistani struggled to juggle her business, her paying job, and her young kids, but she found support in her husband as she built her business.