An art exhibition inspired by the rich flora and fauna of AlUla opened on Monday to mark International Day for Biodiversity

“Blooming Murals,” at Cloud7 Residence, features the work of six Saudi artists, each of whom has created a mural of vibrant flowers, foliage and trees, blended with local cultural elements, such as weaving patterns, engravings and glyphs.

Among the contributors are Abdulaziz Arafah, an art teacher at the Madac International Academy who uses expressionism and impressionism to reflect Saudi culture, and Ohood Abutwimh, who trained at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts and is regarded as a master of color theory inspired by nature.

Also involved is Amal Alenzi, who specializes in oil painting and has worked on several mural projects in AlUla, and Raghad Arafah, who uses geometric designs and creative shapes to pay homage to her hometown’s heritage and nature.

The final two contributors are Ghdeer Alnjdi, a fine artist and muralist known for her large-scale canvases and walls, and Ashwaq Abuhusain, a Prince’s School graduate whose work is displayed across AlUla. “Blooming Murals” is a permanent exhibition that forms part of Cloud7 Residence’s initiative to bring together artists, chefs and food providers, and other small businesses to create a self-sufficient ecosystem and creative community.

The venue is managed and operated by Kerten Hospitality in partnership with the Royal Commission for AlUla and AlUla Development Co. Kerten Hospitality comprises a range of hotels, residences, serviced apartments, offices, restaurants, and wellness destinations that aim to transform spaces through local collaborations and innovation.

International Day for Biodiversity is dedicated to exploring people’s relationship with the natural world and promoting sustainability.