The Naila Art Gallery promises an unforgettable experience for visitors during its latest exhibition “Qur’aniyat (Qur’anic),” which is on show alongside the Ramadan Season in Riyadh.

The exhibition features 19 calligraphers and participating artists, showcasing a total of 37 artworks, in an integrated conversation between matter and spirit. On entering the two-story space, the audience is met with 20 works by some of the most prominent calligraphy artists in the Kingdom.

Nasser Al-Maimon showcases the verse in Surat Yousef, “Allah is the Best of guardians, and He is the Most Merciful of the Merciful,” in Nasta’liq font. Majed AlYoussef entrusts the audience to decipher the words “there is no treasure greater than knowledge,” written in a stylistic variation of the Arabic Thuluth font.

Other featured calligraphers include Youssef Yahya and Walid Al-Marhoum. On the second floor is a collection of artworks on display, from mixed media to sculptures and canvases, exploring the intersection of art and spirituality. Each artwork showcases the beauty and depth of either the Arabic language or the Islamic culture built around it, conveying a sense of tranquility, pleasure and peace.

Salama Hassan, a self-taught artist specialized in the fine arts, pushes the boundaries of Arabic calligraphy to the point where her work transcends a mere font and becomes conceptual. Using Chinese typography characteristics to shape various verses in the Qur’an, Hassan prompts the audience to contemplate the language and verses at hand. The artwork becomes a puzzle, demanding us to look deeper into the meaning and placement of each letter.

Other featured artists include Nahar Marzoq, Ibrahim Al-Hoshan, Elaf Alousi, Khoula Al-Ghafili, Samia bin Zina, Abdullah Al-Anzi, Aliah Hilal, Mohammed Al-Thaqafi, Mohammed Al-Shaie, Maha Khokir, Nora Al-Andis and Haya Al-Fassam.

During the holy month of Ramadan, the gallery hopes to create a conversation around the duality of art and religion, connecting the soul and the divine.