Home accessories complement and enrich their decorations. However, exaggerating them is not a good idea. There are popular accessories this year, including:

- Vases made of colored glass distributed on dining or coffee tables.

- Decorative pieces inlaid with sparkling gold and pearl beads scattered in a thoughtful manner.

- Trays made of metal that hold either candles or plants, as metal adds attractiveness to homes.

-Plant pots are popular in decorations because plants spread positive energy, distributed on shelves or in empty corners.

- Candlesticks are also desirable, those designed from porcelain, crystal, and transparent colored glass in huge sizes and far from the traditional shapes made of iron and copper.

- Mirrors are works of art that double the size of the space in which they are visually resolved and achieve attractive reflections in the architectural space. It is common for the mirror to be on the floor next to the sofa, and its frame is prominent.

- Carpets enhance the value of decoration and suggest warmth. It is preferable that they be woven from silk or wool away from traditional geometric shapes. It is preferable to choose carpets that reflect contrast with furniture, for example, if the furniture has many decorations and colors, then the carpet should be in one color, and vice versa.

- Lighting: It is recommended to transmit soft yellow lighting, and the lighting units are made of transparent or colored glass.