Launched in 2018, Maison du Mec (French for "House of Men") is a Lebanon-based fashion brand that is inspired by East Asian aesthetics and minimalist designs. Its offerings range from apparel such as suits, cardigans, and pants, to leather goods such as bags, passport holders, and wallets.

Joseph Achajian, Creative Director and founder of the Lebanese menswear brand Maison du Mec, founded in 2018. He has Armenian roots, Lebanese heritage, and international experience. Achajian did not major in fashion at university, but vouched for it while working.He comes from a legacy of tailors, corsetters, and factory owners, a family business dating back to the 1920s, a legacy he is very proud of. Following a shift in careers, Achaijan, who had no formal education in fashion, had to learn the tricks of the trade while on the job- but the designer didn't have to look too far for inspiration and guidance. "I grew up in a household of third generation tailors and factory owners, and my evolution into design was an organic one," he says. "My grandfather used to be a men's suit tailor, my aunts were haute couture seamstresses, my mom's aunt had a factory for kids clothing, and my great grandmother used to be a corset/spanks tailor since the 1920s. Being part of that lineage, combined with around 17 years of retail experience, engulfed me in every element of the design process, with a hands-on approach that has allowed me to manage the various steps needed to render an abstract idea into a desirable product."

But if there is an aspect of the brand that Achajian is especially proud of and strongly advocates for, it lies in the fact that Maison du Mec's ready-to-wear clothing line doesn't necessarily conform to the overtly masculine traits that are often characteristic of contemporary men's fashion. "I have always thought of fashion as the ultimate oxymoron," he says. "When the most creative forms of self-expression are categorized, particularly by gender, it marrs the very essence of what we stand for. With new voices emerging, we believe in the liberty of choice in how our designs are worn, and the fluidity of those who wear them."

Maison Du Mec's collection showcases a mastery of minimalism and modern art, while staying true to the designer's identity. The collection takes everyday essentials and elevates them into sophisticated, yet simple pieces. The faultlessly tailored jackets, flowy fabrics, and futuristic designs break boundaries on the runway, reflecting the designer's non-conformist approach to fashion. The use of accents such as pink and green, along with hues of silver, grey, and black, uplift the collection, while the leather designs exude rebellion and edginess, perfectly reflecting the brand's signature style.