As part of the activities of the Al Owais Film Club, the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation organized a screening of the movie “Honey, Rain and Dust”, in the presence of director Nujoom Al-Ghanim and an audience of club friends. The script and dialogue for the film were written by the poet Khaled Al-Budour, in collaboration with Nujoom Al-Ghanem, and the cast consisted of: Gharib Al-Yamahi, Fatima Sanad, Aisha Al-Naqbi, and Fatima Al-Naqbi, and it was produced by Nahar Company.

The film dealt with the story of Aisha and Gharib, who roam the mountains of the Northern Emirates in search of wild bees, and face various difficulties every day, as they climb mountains and are exposed to dangers, but they tell a simple cinematic story full of authentic environmental vocabulary, which the film documented to serve as a reference for researchers and those interested.

Director Nujoom Al-Ghanim said at the end of the show: “The work took two years to film, as the work team was waiting for the cycle of nature and the alternation of its seasons to get good shots of the life of this generous insect, and each character in the film played its natural role in life without much guidance. This is what gave the film its positive value, and it was a source of joy to make a tape of this aesthetic value.”

The poet Khaled Al-Budour said: "The idea of ​​the film was suggested by the poet Abdulaziz Jassim, and through it, the scenes of the film were drawn from real life in the filming locations, as there was no scenario in the traditional sense."

It is noteworthy that Nujoom Al-Ghanim is an Emirati writer, poet, and director. She directed a number of short films such as: “Ice Cream”, “The Garden” and “Between Two Banks”, as well as presented long documentaries, such as: “The Murderer”, “Dove”, “Hope”. and "Red, Blue, Yellow". It is also mentioned that the screenwriter, Khaled Al-Budour, is a poet, heritage researcher and translator, who wrote Night, Ink, Ghazal, Winter and Rain on the Sea.