The city of Portland is among the attractive tourist destinations for travel lovers to visit in the winter, as it offers an abundance of enjoyable activities suitable for all ages, including: cultural and entertainment events, music and theater performances, shopping places in addition to the vast green spaces.

Top tips when visiting Portland in the winter:

Going to the swimming pool: Winter is the best time to swim in hot water in cold weather, as there are many places that provide this unique experience.

Snowshoeing: Since not much snow falls, the traveler's best bet is to head into the mountains to find snow and great snowshoeing near Trillium Lake.

Attend the Winter Light Festival: The Winter Light Festival is one of my favorite February events. It's a fun evening exploring the artistic creations and lights in different areas around the city.

Snowboarding: The Lloyd Center has a long history in Portland and is still one of the places to go snowboarding in Portland.

Experience a new winter sport: If the traveler is a fan of winter sports, skiing, walking on ice, or riding bicycles in the snow may be one of the favorite winter sports for many travel lovers, which can be done very easily.