Cases of copying and imitation are frequent in the fashion world, which usually end in legal disputes between the party that owns the original design and the copycat party. This is the case for the Hermes house, which sued the artist, Mason Rothschild, accusing him of imitating its famous Birkin bag, through his digital collection of fur-covered bags that are very similar to the Birkin bag.

The collection debuted at Miami's Art Basil in December 2021. The French company took its first legal action in January 2022 alleging that the artist was selling his digital Meta Perkins without their permission. And last March, the artist continued his challenge to Hermes, claiming that his art was protected by First Amendment rights, and that selling it did not detract from those rights. This appeal was rejected by the court in New York City, USA.

Hermes claims that Mason tried to take over the trademark of her iconic Birkin bag by adding the word Meta to his art collection, at a time when the French house seeks to launch its own versions of the irreplaceable symbols of its famous designs, including the Kelly bag and others.