Tiktok covers almost everything and it’s helping its users to explore their creativity and give you some cool DIY for you to do at home. Today we bring you tools that according to TikTok can help you change your furniture without having to buy a new product.

Meghan Wheeler, an Austin “flipper” started repurposing, in October of 2020, and selling old furniture, a creative outlet that “quickly turned into a thriving side hustle—she’s also a nurse and a grad student. She posts transformation videos and photos across her various social media accounts, with her biggest presence on TikTok, where she has more than 120,000 followers.”

In a world like TikTok where trends gain popularity fast, Meghan is not the only one. There’s a big community being created full of beginners that become experts, “Starting with limited knowledge and experience, they quickly realized that with practice and determination creating beautiful furniture wasn’t outside of the realm of possibilities.”

Christina Muscari, for example, admits to AD she was not an artist but it’s enjoying the new things she is learning, “I don’t have an artistic background… it’s easy enough for someone to just pick up, and you learn as you go.”

Every user on TikTok that does this trend gives us numerous tips on what you need to do before you start flipping your piece. For example, “You can use dish soap, or you can use a spray—it just needs to be a degreaser,” Muscari explains. Old furniture can have a lot of wax on it, and it also might smell or be a little stained after years of use. A degreasing cleaner can help with all of this.” Sanding the item down first gives a piece what Muscari describes as “teeth” for the paint.”

Mia Richa