The giant of Lebanese art, Romeo Lahoud, passed away this morning at the age of 92, leaving a great artistic legacy.

Romeo Lahoud is a Lebanese director, performance choreographer, writer and composer. He was born in the town of Habalin in the Byblos district. He studied elementary education at St. Joseph School in Aintoura. Then he began studying interior design at the University of "Mozart", but he switched to studying "scenography mechanics" at the Institute of "Montcamudzu" in Italy.

He began his professional career in 1964 when he prepared a lyrical operetta at the request of the Baalbek Festivals Association within the framework of its program "Lebanon Nights". In 1969, he performed at the Olympia Theater in Paris

He married Lillian Pollan, with whom he had two daughters, and then remarried, after the death of his wife, Alexandra Qatrib

He is a holder of the National Cedar Medal, with the rank of officer, 1995, “Promotion e Prestige”, Geneva, “Faubourg”, Lebanon, “Epiney sur seine” (France), “Golden Medal”, USA, the Golden Cedar, Lebanon, "Golden Murex", Lebanon and the platinum disc of the song, Greece.

The giant of art was multi-talented, and he presented many shows, such as Al-Shallal, Al-Mawal, and Lebanon Nights. He worked in acting, directing and producing, as well as composing many works for many major artists.

And here is Lebanon, on Independence Day, losing one of its most important artists.