Almost nine months after the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the country is still suffering from bombing, destruction and chaos. Wherever you turn in the streets of the city, your eyes encounter ruined buildings, sloping and shattered walls. You only see fear and loss of hope in life in the eyes of adults and children.

However, despite the scene of blackness, there is a glimmer of hope that takes you out of sadness and brings you back to safety: paintings painted by the artist "Banksy" by spraying on the wall of a bombed building in the city of Borodyanka. He also completed seven new works distributed to the capital and other cities in the region.

He is a famous and unknown English graffiti artist at the same time, it is believed that his name is Robert Banksy, born in 1974 and originally from the town of Yate near Bristol, but there is no confirmation of Banksy's real identity and his biography remains unknown, his various drawings appeared in many sites in Britain, especially in the city of Bristol and London and around the world, including in the West Bank on the separation wall, Banksy's drawings vary in subject matter and include most of them political, cultural and moral issues.

The year 2003 was the first appearance of Banksy's drawings on the walls of Bristol and London, and many questions were raised about his person and ideas, especially the image of Mona Lisa carrying a bomb.

On the date of May 21, 2007 Banksy won the award for the greatest artist living in Britain, which was distributed by the British ITV channel, and as expected, Banksy did not attend to receive his award, and his identity remained unknown until the moment.

Bansky displayed his work on publicly visible surfaces such as walls and bridges. Bansky no longer sells his pictures or graffiti, but his public "works" are regularly resold, often even by the removal of the wall on which they were painted.

Although this painter presents his works and remains in the shadows, he succeeded in creating art and a smile out of suffering.