With the festive season approaching, the famous Dior brand has created the amazing Dior World, a dazzling display that makes the halls of the legendary Harrods sparkle. The aim of the brand in this show is to combine the elegance of the art of living, French luxury and the British spirit.

Between November 10 and January 3, 2023, the façade will be adorned with an exceptional décor radiating with light play, elegantly displaying the main Dior codes reinvented for the Dior Cruise 2023 collection. You will accompany visitors along the historical facades, which attract people from all over the world, wind rose, lucky stars and twinkling flowers.

This show is like a journey that extends beyond the limits of imagination, to explore the world of the house and its various symbols from beauty to fashion, waiting for visitors, in the heart of the prestigious place, a thousand wonderful surprises and animated decorations enhanced with delicious food. Created as a tribute to Mr. Dior's Christmas celebration, two family spaces are specially designed for the occasion, and a veritable exhibition plays with scales in a way that enchants the hearts and engages the senses.

The foundation of the show dates back to 1953, when Christian Dior forged a close bond with Harrods, the center of British elegance in London. This boutique includes many brands, and is unique in its creative boldness.

It's a captivating call that blends the audacity of two legendary houses and their legacy, united in a quest for excellence and to keep Dior's dream alive