Baghdad, a solo exibithion of Faisal Laibi Sahi at Khawla Art Gallery _ Dubai Design District , From 7 till 27 november 2022.

This exibithion presents paintings of Iraqi people going about their daily business  are at once still, timeless and compassionate portrayals of archetypal human predicaments and aspirations but also have their roots in his country’s fertile, ancient cultural traditions and its current social and political complexities.

The Iraqi artist Faisel Laibi was born in 1947 in the port city of Basra. He was raised in a family devoted to art , so it is little surprise that his eldest brother Ali , and his younger sister Afifa both became painters as well. Faisel moved from Basra to Baghdad in 1964 to study at the institute of Fine Arts, and the capital was a revelation for the young artist.

He works with oils, acrylic, water colours and ink to create lively and colourful paintings which convey a distinctly Iraqi style of painting and expression . Many of his vibrant painted works complexly depict everyday Iraqi life in history, including coffee shop scenes, while he has also worked with detailed ceramics and simplified linear drawings.

Laibi Sahi acquires continual inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of pre-Islamic Mesopotamian civilisations,namely Sumer, Babylon and Assyria. Influences from these civilisations are mixed with modern techniques and skillfully woven into his works.

Since 1966, Laibi Sahi has held many solo shows in Iraq , Algeria, Britain, Italy and Germany…

If you are visiting Dubai pass by this amazing exibithion at Khawla Art Gallery, Dubai Design District.