In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the founding of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the museum borrowed from the Louvre in Paris, a wonderful and exceptional piece of art, which is the painting "Leonardo da Vinci" "St. John the Baptist", which is one of the most famous masterpieces of the Renaissance, which will be shown in galleries starting from November 15, 2022 for a period of time two years.

Leonardo began to paint it in the early sixteenth century in the Italian city of Florence. He does not know if the artist himself chose the subject of the painting or commissioned it. For 10 years, the Italian genius has never neglected mastering the finest details of his paintings, which are still characterized by stylistic skill.

The painting represents a perfect example of beauty, characterized by a gentle smile and evoking the shape of the body emerging from the darkness as if its image had been taken at the time, a delicate flame swaying above a candle in the darkness of the night.

The painting embodies the heyday of the Renaissance, and it is one of the most famous paintings of the French Louvre Museum. The painting remained unfinished after the death of its painter, as it was in the possession of prominent personalities such as King Charles I and King Louis XIV of France.

The arrival of the artwork to the Louvre Abu Dhabi constitutes an unmissable opportunity to interact with the details of the outstanding artwork and embodies an exceptional moment in history and a new chapter in the museum's story.