Since Birkenstock designs are currently at the forefront of the latest fashion trends, and since everyone prefers them and wants to wear them because they are comfortable, elegant, and modern, the brand seeks to be closer to its fans, presenting its new campaign "High Shine", produced in Dubai, which shows the depth and diversity of women in Dubai Through two heroines, "Rania Masri Al-Khatib" and "Jullz Bec", Each of them is a feminine force in their own way, photographed indoors wearing key designs from the new Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2022 collection.

The collection includes designs in bold and matte colors in addition to vibrant colors, the colors range from chestnut, dark blue, soft green, lilac in addition to black and white, as well as the eye-catching color of fuchsia and blue. As for the buckle, it was exaggerated to form a perfect addition of sophistication and femininity. High-quality materials are the centerpiece of the collection, starting with premium suede, velvet, genuine leather and fur.

The campaign showcases the infinite relevance and timeless cosmopolitan character of the brand within the contemporary lifestyle.