The exhibition "Diaa Arabic Calligraphy", which is organized within the activities of the Sharjah Calligraphy Forum in cooperation with the Union of Arab Photographers, presents 40 works by 29 photographers highlighting the aesthetics of calligraphy from different creative angles.

Both Al-Owais and Al-Qusayr toured the exhibition that highlights the aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy through a different pictorial vision, as it reflects the manifestations of the Arabic letter in creative images, and shows the interference of light with the letter so that the Arabic letter shines.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the head of the Department of Culture in Sharjah Abdullah Al-Owais and the director of the Department of Cultural Affairs in the department, "Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Qusayr". A number of photographers participated in it, including: Ahmed Al-Ali, Najat Al-Fadil, Khaled Al-Balushi, Hadeel bin Lambarek. . The Union of Arab Photographers had organized a competition in which 5 Arab photographers won, whose works were carefully selected, as the images matched the slogan of the Sharjah Calligraphy Forum "Irtiqaa", and therefore Al Owais and Al Qasir honored them by handing them certificates of appreciation in celebration of their creations that mimic the aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy.