The Moroccan Film Center announced that the film "The Blue Caftan", directed by Maryam Touzani, was chosen to represent Morocco in the 2023 Oscar competition in the "Foreign Feature Film" category. The Center explained that the film was selected by a selection committee and according to criteria approved by the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Cinema.

The name of the film expresses the director’s love for the kaftan, and her admiration and respect for craft professions, which unfortunately are disappearing. Seeing craftsmen die one by one without being able to convey their art is very sad, as it is part of the heritage that dies, this wonderful heritage that is part of the Moroccan identity.

This film was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in France last May, and at that time won the International Critics' Prize granted by the festival. This is the first time that Morocco has won this international award at this festival. In order to ascend the steps of the Film Festival in Cannes, the director wore a kaftan from her mother, who had given it to her years ago and that marked her childhood and adolescence. A fifty-year-old kaftan, played a key role in attracting her desire to talk about the heritage in the film and to highlight the fingers behind the fine work.

 The events of the feature film revolve around tradition and love, through two characters, a married couple who run a kaftan shop. The film also revolves around life and death and the freedom to make choices, about the intertwining of feelings and relationships, and the discovery of love in its various forms.

It is worth noting that the work was produced by the director's husband, "Nabil Ayouch", who expresses to him, whenever the opportunity allows her, the extent of her love, love and support for her.