It is true that Queen Elizabeth did not play a major role in directing the internal and external policy of the Kingdom, but she certainly had a great influence on the country and its people.

Elizabeth, who is considered the granddaughter of Queen Victoria, is one of the most influential queens in British history, in terms of politics and elegance. She gave her name to an entire era of elegance, so he called it the Victorian era, a phrase that is still used to refer to clothing styles inspired by the style of the Queen.

And just like her, Queen Elizabeth had a unique and distinguished taste. Since her youth, the Queen knew how to preserve the royal character of her looks. She was keen to make these looks so discreet and modest without giving up her character that matches the times, so she appeared in the most beautiful high-end dresses, which she adorned with collections. Unique jewelry.

Royal crowns studded with emeralds and innovative brooches were an integral part of her looks, and she loved dangling earrings, especially pearl earrings. As for her clothes, fashion experts considered her a symbol of high elegance, and she loved bright and strong colors, for her it was important to be unique and distinguished from the rest so that the people could distinguish her among the audience. Red, yellow and pink tuxedos were her signatures, while she didn't abandon the black wedge and mid-heeled shoes with the classic black bags.