Palestine participated for the first time in the Venice Biennale of Art in its 59th edition, which was organized in Italy. The participation of Palestine came along with 58 countries from all over the world, including 6 Arab countries.

The Venice Biennale is an Italian arts institution located in Venice and was founded in 1895 and is dedicated to the support of contemporary arts. And try to predict the future directions of art.

In this version, the exhibition provided the ability to identify 30 artworks by 19 Palestinian artists. The exhibition is open every day, except Tuesday, from ten to six, until November 27.

Faisal Saleh, founder of the Palestine Museum in America, said: “We arranged this exhibition at the Venice Biennale, and it is the most important artistic event in the world. So we prove that Palestine exists, was and still is."

The artist "Sana Bishara", one of the participating Palestinian artists, expressed her great pride because the Palestinian section was placed in the Biennale, and because through art it is possible to speak and the goal can be reached, as the Palestinian people have their works and their energies.