The calligrapher Fadi Al-Owaid did not know when he was writing his brothers' homework as a young child that he would love to plan.

Arabic calligraphy, that hobby to which “Fadi” gave a lot of his time and did not want to remain a connoisseur of this art from afar. He focuses on calligraphy painting, on the harmony between the content of the message and the illustrated painting with a mixture of internal feelings, and considers that the choice of phrases is the basis for the success of the painting: "Sometimes the text forces you to read the line."

The artist worked on developing himself in several ways. He focused well on art through exhibitions, drawing, and follow-up of the artistic movement. In every exhibition he does, he is keen to convey a message. In classical paintings, the message is as easy as a verse from the Bible or the Qur’an, as it can be. His message is lined, we feel it in a chromatic sense, like the paintings of the seasons and the sun painting, so he does not abandon the message in every artwork he presents, as well as in every exhibition he holds.

Currently, the artist is holding an exhibition entitled "Between the Lines", from 6 to 30 September in "D3" Dubai, in which he presents his most important and newest paintings that show the story of the lines and the development of his art during his career.

Every art lover should visit the exhibition, because what is between its lines is a silence that is more eloquent than what is above the lines could ever express.