Johanna Ortiz offers a range of evening wear that enhances boldness and self-confidence, and she calls it "Libertad", which means freedom in Spanish.

The designs suggest simplicity and elegance and reflect the vision of the late French designer "Pierre Pollan" who studied the similarities between furniture design and clothing design. The collection draws its inspiration from the handicrafts of Central Asia, using hand-embroidered Susan fabrics and the traditional ikat style, without giving up the distinctive prints of palm trees and South American flowers.

The brand presents handmade belts from the Embira Cormado indigenous people of Colombia. Each color of the belts made of seeds and glass expresses a specific human aspect, red represents human blood and green to nature.

The collection also included earrings designed in collaboration with the jewelry brand "Alvaro Avila", featuring dangling rings made of silver plated with gold with touches of art decor that convey positive energy and elegance. As for the bags made of wool, which shine with patterns that express history and the wisdom of generations, they were sewn by women from the Colombian tribe.

The collection features earthy details and a lively feel with bold winter flair.