To coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the launch of the Royal Oak watch, Audemars Piguet presents two versions of the Royal Oak Automatic Chronograph, 41 mm in diameter. Both the case and bracelet, of these two watches are made of either white gold or 18-carat yellow gold, and they shine elegantly through hammered gold.

The watch has an interchangeable bracelet. The polished edges create a glossy finish on the case and bracelet, making it larger and more in response to light. The brand also made some modifications to the back cover of the watch, which led to the improvement of its integration and merging with the structure, so that it fits comfortably on the wrist.

To create the rich look of hammered gold, a technique known as the Florentine finish was used in collaboration with Italian jewelry designer Carolina Bucci. The diamond dusting effect is achieved by gently tapping the case and bracelet with a diamond tip tool. This technique adds small gaps to the surfaces, giving a shiny appearance similar to the appearance of gemstones.

At the heart of each model is an integrated movement incorporating a column wheel with a retrograde chronograph function that allows the watch user to stop it, reset the hands to the zero position, and then turn it on with a simple movement. Moreover, the push buttons give a feeling of smoothness and softness.

The watch is adorned with elegant decorative touches, interlacing circles and polished edges, which can be seen through the transparent case back of the watch.