Clay attracted Emirati "Abdullah Haikal" to the world of ceramics and clay,Then he began to form clay with his charming fingers, transforming it into distinct pieces of art, and giving it a new aesthetic dimension after coloring.

His relationship with clay began since his childhood, and then, over the years, his talent developed through the workshops he attended, until he decided to finally delve into this world to formulate artistic creations of various colors and shapes. Abdullah remembers how his talent grew. Since his childhood, playing with clay in the art class is one of his favorite activities, and his mother used to accompany him to attend the ceramics classes, and he loved this handiwork.

The work requires patience and many stages to reach the final shape, so each piece has a value and meaning of its own. As for the stages of work, it is started to form on the wheel and then the clay is left for two weeks until it dries and becomes solid, and then it is placed in the oven and burned at a very high temperature, so the piece turns into porcelain, but it is not suitable for eating or drinking because it absorbs liquids.

The potter faces a number of surprises during his work. Sometimes the final product comes out with a different image and design from the planned product. It is easy for the result during the burning process to be different from what was put in the oven because it burns at a temperature of more than 2000 degrees. Porcelain has many uses, as vases, statues and food dishes are made from it, and porcelain is one of the modern industries taken from this craft.

Touching clay by hand involves a lot of positive feelings. The psychological link between the material and whoever makes it is the one who makes the story of each piece.