This brand addresses for the lovers of the bohemian style with designs that call to spread love and peace in the whole world.

These designs provide protection, comfort, and express personal souvenirs. The colors vary between natural earth tones such as dark yellow, yellow-orange, brown and crimson red to harmonize with the multi-layered designs, high-quality fabrics and lustrous leather.

Inspired by the freedom and movement towards life, the collection features buckles and velvet details in the baggy pants that are coordinated with shirts and necklaces designed with stones, as well as the long skirt of tulle decorated with shiny stones that is worn with a striped wool shirt and wide jeans. Felt jackets are spacious and comfortable.

The brand also offers a range of transparent pants that highlight its inner lining, along with transparent and comfortable boots for exploring nature. The beauty of the collection is completed with moccasins made of suede with long laces, or boots, sandals and clogs, ideal for lovers of backpackers and travelers. In addition to a variety of quilted bags or made of soft wool with attractive and comfortable designs, as well as earrings studded with beads, bracelets and metal rings decorated with silver bells.