Qannati Objet D’art is a French-Bahraini pioneer in designing precious, wearable masterpieces. It is the first Bahraini luxury brand based in Paris and Manama. In 2018, it was founded by the Bahraini entrepreneur "Mahmoud Kanati" and within 4 years he overcame all challenges to turn his dream into a reality.

To realize its vision of creating timepieces that look like masterpieces, the brand hired two of France's most skilled craftsmen, jewelry designer Frédéric Manet and Jothe-Sérouge Ebrossar, a jeweler and a skilled sculptor who adds a magical touch to the designs.

The first collection is called "celebration of time" and includes 13 hand-designed pieces to be worn on the wrist. Under each dome of sapphire glass, there is a unique world of miniature masterpieces. The first group includes 6 bracelets and 6 watches, each complementing the other, as they can be worn separately or coordinated together.

It is true that this collection is designed in France, but its roots are rooted in the traditions of ancient Mesopotamia, the cradle of a civilization that is 4,500 years old.

This brand allows its valued customers to order a bracelet or watch designed according to their request. The team designs the miniature world under the glass dome according to a theme of their choice. This service is exclusive for those who want to decorate their wrist with a piece that expresses their history and ambitions.