Recently, we are witnessing a great demand by luxury fashion houses to open cafes and restaurants bearing the signature of their brands. This expansion of fashion brands in the field of hospitality carries additional promotion for them and a new source of income they need in light of the turmoil in the global economy. These experiences encourage customers to expand their presence In the spaces of luxury fashion houses and the consumption of more of their products, especially since most of the time cafes and restaurants are inside or near the showrooms.

Many names entered the field of hospitality, including the "Armani" house, which occupies the first place in this field, as its first experience in the world of hospitality dates back to 1998, and today it owns more than 20 addresses around the world, ranging from restaurants, cafes, and hotels. It was followed by the role of "Versace" and "Bulgari", as well as the house of "Chanel", which opened 10 years ago a restaurant at the top of its store in Tokyo.

As for the Dior brand, it opened last March the "haute couture" restaurant in the iconic Parisian center of the house on Rue Montaigne. As for the "Louis Vuitton" house, it also opened last spring a branch of its stores in a high-end restaurant in the French city of Lille, and then opened its first restaurant in Saint-Tropez under the supervision of the famous chef Mori Sacco.