The Cultural and Heritage Programs and Festivals Management Committee in Abu Dhabi has opened the door for registration and participation in the tenth season of the "Prince of Poets" competition for those wishing to participate through the program's website until August 12th.

The Prince of Poets program is a cultural and literary occasion that enhances the role of poets, creators, intellectuals and thinkers in the love of poetry and the Arabic language, in order to achieve the program's mission of promoting Arabic poetry and promoting it in the Arab community.

The age of the participant (the poet or poet) must not be less than 18 years and not more than 45 years, and a vertical poem of no more than 20 lines and no less than 8 verses, or an activated poem of no more than two syllables must be sent. The jury will sort the applications and evaluate the poems, and interviews will be conducted after the end of the registration period according to accurate technical and monetary criteria to select the final list of those who will participate in the live broadcast episodes from Al Raha Beach Theater - Abu Dhabi, to compete for the title of Prince of Poets, all the way to the final episode and win the mantle of hair and the seal of the emirate.

The winner of the first place gets the title of Prince of Poets and Al-Burdah, which represents an Arab historical heritage, and the ring that symbolizes the title of the emirate, and one million dirhams. As for the second place holder, he gets 500 thousand dirhams, the third 300 thousand dirhams, the fourth 200 thousand dirhams, and the fifth 100 thousand dirhams.