A delegation from the National Archives and Library concluded its tour in a number of the world's most famous libraries between Singapore, Egypt and the United Kingdom, with the aim of enriching the Emirates National Library, which seeks to be a national reference and cultural center that preserves the heritage of the UAE.

The delegation began its tour by visiting the Birmingham Library, which is the largest public library in the United Kingdom and has a prominent position on the map of libraries in the world. It consists of 41 floors and is visited by three million visitors annually. In this library, the delegation visited the Manuscript Center to learn about the best ways to restore and preserve manuscripts. It also viewed the oldest manuscript of the Holy Qur’an.

From the Kingdom to Egypt, the delegation visited the Library of Alexandria and was familiarized with its holdings, which include artifacts belonging to the Pharaonic and Byzantine civilizations. The Emirati delegation praised the Library of Alexandria, which is a beacon of cultural radiation and a civilized project that brings to mind the library’s ancient role in preserving human culture.

All of these visits aim to establish the National Library, which simulates the largest libraries in the world in its provision of information, its design, and its vibrant and comfortable spaces designated for reading and capable of meeting the requirements of its patrons of all walks of life. The Director General, Abdullah Majid Al Ali, said:

"Successful experiences do not start from scratch, but rather benefit from the experiences of others, and proceed from where they arrived towards the future with its development and progress, and this is what the UAE adopts as it sets strategic plans for the next 50 years."