Dubai is moving forward in attracting the most prominent houses of fashion and leather products from around the world, as it opened its doors recently to host the first boutique of the "Faure Le Page" brand in the Middle East, specifically in the Dubai Mall.

The "Faure -le-Page" brand was acquired by a French family interested in history and arts in 2009, and since then began documenting the rich archives of the ancient French brand, which has been working in the manufacture of weapons and guns for kings and princes for centuries. The year 2012 witnessed the re-launch of the brand under the slogan "Armed with elegance" inspired by the long-standing heritage of the brand. It has succeeded in turning the scales and moving from the world of weapons to the world of fashion by attracting the most important craftsmen and experts in the production of leather pieces.

The new store in The Dubai Mall, the most important and largest mall in the Emirate of Dubai, features a glass facade decorated with lattice patterns inspired by the traditional mashrabiya architecture and engravings of scales that characterize the brand's designs. It enhances the splendor of the experience and transports visitors to a world of luxury and sophistication.

It is scheduled to launch new versions of luxury bags that meet all tastes and occasions.