From the heart of the economic capital of Morocco, Casablanca, where life moves quickly, the "Halim Academy" was born, which revives the artistic balance of Abed El Halim Hafez and presents it as a refined and creative model.

The owner of the idea is neither a singer nor a composer, but a doctor, fascinated by Aandalib's vocal chords, until she sees in him a symbol of sophistication and art, a model of humanity and a delicate sense

Dr. Amal Bourqiah, founder of the Academy, described Al Aandalib as Egyptian and Moroccan at the same time, and he is a pride for all Arabs because he broke boundaries. She also considers him more than a singer, but rather a magician thanks to his high sense

The aim of the academy's establishment is to enable the younger generations to recognize the works of the "genius" and prevent them from being lost in the sea of ​​bad, consumerist music.

Bourqiah did not hide that she was surprised by the amount of interest in the contacts it received after launching the initiative from painters, writers, sculptors, and musicians from all over the world.