The 9-year-old Lebanese child, "Imad Saadeh", won first place in the "Caribou International Mathematics Competition".

The child's mother, Mrs. Lara Saadeh, revealed that more than 17,000 children from all over the world have experienced this experience.

The journey of success began when the family left for Nicosia after the explosion of the port of Beirut in an effort to secure a better future for their children. She began searching for international competitions related to mathematics because of her son’s love for mathematics since the beginning of his academic career. He participated in the same competition last year and won first place among more than 10 thousand participants.

This competition is one of the most difficult international competitions, as it includes 6 stages that must be overcome to reach the last stage, but the "genius" child managed to overcome them completely and easily.

Mrs. Lara encouraged her son to persevere to achieve his goals and urged all parents to enroll their children in such competitions to develop their skills