The Libyan novelist, Muhammad Al-Naas, won the International Prize for Arabic Novel “Al Booker” for his novel “Bread at the Table of Uncle Milad”, this novel that revolves around the issues of men and women and the relationship of masculinity and femininity.

The novelist crowned this year holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tripoli in 2014. He was born into a divided family: one section represents a family of sciences and Shariaa, most of his ancestors were memorizers of the Noble Qur’an, and another section represents those who struggle in life. His father was originally a government employee and became a farmer in the nineties.

Since his childhood, he was not far from reading and books, so he had a library in his house, but it contained only books on agriculture and in the English language. However, it included one book by the well-known poet and historian "Khalifa Tbilisi", so he relied on it to learn about poetry and literature. And he still does not know who this book belongs to, his father, mother or sister, but he stole the book and started reading it.

 The award-winning novel relies in its lines on popular culture, that is, Libyan folk proverbs. The non-Libyan does not understand its meaning, and the reader must be in contact with the Libyan society in order to understand its essence

He started writing the novel since 2020, tore the first manuscript as well as the second to finally reach the final version.

The writer is preparing a project for a new novel, which is inspired by a character mentioned in the winning novel, whose name is Lotfi, who is a fictional Libyan director, of course. It talks about the concept of shame, but he has not yet found a title...