This year, Eric Ritter, the Lebanese designer, and creative director of the Emergency Room brand, presented his "Interlude" collection, during the Arab Men's Fashion Week in Dubai, which took place on Sunday, January 30, which was a resounding success and got positive responses.
Started 3 years ago, the Emergency Room brand is a collection of unique pieces made from upcycling materials, and due to this creative process used to design these items, they cannot be duplicated and therefore each piece is unique.
During our interview with Eric he said: “When the brand started, the name came after the idea that fashion needed an emergency room and had to be saved from what it is, and because we upcycle, all the clothes that are used are taken and made into a new piece of cloth without wasting more energy, or water or chemicals.
Eric focuses on the piece itself rather than the look and creates timeless pieces, making people want to wear them.
“We started by going to the souks of Tripoli where there is a huge second-hand clothing store, browsing, taking a look and choosing the materials we want to work with, thus creating unique and daring pieces made of curtains, bedspreads, towels and other fabrics, then showcasing the pieces online where the people can buy them.
He added, "The show's content comes from our own experiences, what we go through, and what's happening around us.
This collection and display are our first approach to the "Watch Now Shop Now" model, a trend that fits our ethos and aligns best with our design and production processes."
From Modern Arabesque, we thank Eric for this interview and we look forward to witness unique and bold works.
Mabelle Milane
Modern Arabesque