In the Smart Home category, the KAI GTS9 Art Motion massage chair received the Innovation Award. HUTECH sees that a healthier world for everyone and it is showcasing its high-end flagship model that is said to provide "a level of relaxation that exceeds that given by a professional masseuse."
This innovative massage chair features the HUTECH massage mechanism 2.0, which consists of a combination of HUTECH's original technology HBLS (HUTECH Body Leveling System), real 3D art motion, and 4-channel sonic vibration massage. The Sonic Wave Massage System applies a sonic vibration magnetic circuit to a massage system, and in doing so, it is being commercialized for the first time in the world. With an optimized frequency, the next-gen massage chair delivers soft and natural vibrations that go above and beyond traditional massage.
Source: Laura McQuarrie