The show is featuring an extensive selection of works that express women's untold stories both personal and collective. All intimately linked to Beirut, the fiery city, where they were built, in pain and wounds, but also in hope and fulfillment.
Artists of Beirut is an initiative dedicated to the promotion of authentic contemporary Lebanese artists and artisans with a focus on female representation, to help them reach Lebanese and international art scenes. The initiative also aims to support the Lebanese art economy and preserve its cultural identity and heritage.
The artists presented in the show are:
Nina Abou Zeid, Lina Husseini, Carole Ingea, Ramona MAansour, Aya-Maria Nehme, Joanna Raad, Yara Saade and Carla Sayad.
The exhibition has started on 14th of November and will last till the 31st of December, 2021 so do not miss the chance to visit.