Located in Jeddah’s Al-Muhammadiyah district, the prominent white structure of the new multidisciplinary arts complex called Hayy Jameel stands proud. On its facade is a colorful commissioned artwork by Saudi artist Nasser Al-Mulhim featuring abstract curved forms. Distinct from other buildings in the vicinity, Hayy, which means “neighborhood” in Arabic, draws the spectator’s gaze.
After many years in the making, on Monday, Dec. 6 it is officially opened to the public. Designed by multi-award-winning architectural Wai Wai Studio, based in the dynamic arts complex, it commemorates the Jameel family’s 75 years of arts patronage and community development throughout the Middle East.
The center, characterized by multi-purpose spaces set across three floors and numerous courtyards fostering creative dialogue and exchange, also includes the Kingdom’s first independent cinema, an element that just a few years ago would not have been possible in Saudi Arabia, symbolizing the significant change that has swept the Gulf nation over the past several years.