The sword that Napoleon Bonaparte carried in the coup of 1799 is scheduled to be auctioned in the United States this week, in addition to five firearms owned by the French emperor who died 200 years ago, according to what the "Rock Island Auction" house announced.
The total value of this sword, which will be part of the auction that will be organized by the house from December 3 to 5 in Illinois, is between 1.5 million and 3.5 million dollars, according to a statement.
"The sword, with its sheath, is the key piece in this collection," he explained, and will be on display at the Maison's headquarters in Illinois and online.
This weapon was made in the Versailles workshop of the gunsmith Nicolas Noel-Beauté and “carried by Napoleon Bonaparte during the coup d’état of 18 Brumaire 1799” (November 9, 1799), as the Maison explains.
And Napoleon Bonaparte, who was crowned Emperor on December 2, 1804, presented his sword to General Jean-Andoche Juno. After his death, the weapon was transferred to a museum in London and then bought by an American collector, according to the house.
In the spring, France celebrated the bicentenary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte on May 5, 1821, at the age of 51, away from his country on the island of Saint Helena in the South Atlantic, where the English neutralized him into exile after his last defeat at Waterloo.