The 'HUENIT' modular robot arm is an interchangeable solution for businesses, makers and DIYers alike that will provide them with a way to enjoy a customized experience.
The robotic arm is equipped with an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered camera that will monitor functionality and enable a range of different capabilities. This is thanks to interchangeable components to enable 3D printing, laser engraving, drawing and more.
The 'HUENIT' modular robot arm features a reach length of 390mm, a speed of 500mm/s and a payload capacity of 750-grams. The Creator Module is capable of being customized to suit different consumer needs and puts the control in the hands of the user to make the unit function as they require or desire. The system has WiFi and Bluetooth, while also being controllable via an Arduino or Raspberry Pi through UART communication.
Source: Michael Hemsworth