The exhibition "A Nation in Exile" was opened and the inscriptions of Beirut's poem were presented. Regarding the "poet of resistance", "the poet of a nation in exile", or "the poet of the defeated", Mahmoud Darwish has many names that make him the standard bearer of the Palestinian people. Above all, he is, above all names, the artist who need not be introduced except by saying that his poetry was so beautiful that it was translated into the four corners of the world, and preserves the same enchanting power of those who listen to them without suffering from the transition from one language to another.
As for Rachid Koraïchi, he says, “My idea was to try to capture the aesthetic feelings involved at the moment when Mahmoud Darwish’s poetry was born. My aim was not to illustrate the poems, but rather to provide a rewriting of emotion, vibration, sentiment, drama, or happiness—the set of feelings that enabled poems to be born and existed. »