Under every footstep that we take all over the planet lies a hidden Kingdom, a single
interconnected realm ruled by the Mighty Mycelium. It is a world full of magic and
mystery, an intertwined network that flourishes under the earth. This World Wood Web
holds the power of nature’s bond to all living things.
It does not move but it is not Flora, it feeds on other organisms but it is not Fauna.
It is a Kingdom of its own: THE THIRD KINGDOM, and it bears fruit: beautiful FUNGI.
FUNGI come in a myriad of shapes and sizes and colors and species and lifestyles. They are a window into the hidden landscape under our feet: an ancient land of determined lifeforms, silent yet sentient.
They shape our world and hold the key to our future. Some save us, some threaten us, and most we haven’t even met.
They are the true masters of survival.
They bring life,
They sustain life,
They transform life.
They are the changers.
They are the ecosystem communicators in a symbiotic pulse of infinite mindfulness.
Let them be seen… Let them be heard… Let them be celebrated.
Let them shift our consciousness towards a better tomorrow.
                                                                                                                                             "Zein Daouk"
The exhibition has started today 29 October and will last till 20 November 2021, so do not miss the chance to visit.