On the last evening of Paris Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer ‘22 collection oozed drama, and not just via its oversized shoulders and Edwardian-era bustle skirts. Underneath the glowing chandeliers at The Louvre, guests gathered to set sights on the new collection—one inspired by “leading the countdown and staying one step ahead. The transformative creative fusion of generations,” according to a press release from the house. But the audience got a big surprise when someone who was not an LV model appeared on the catwalk to make a big fashion statement.
A protestor stampeded the runway with a sign that read “OVERCONSUMPTION = EXTINCTION" and sporting the logos of three French activist groups, aiming to highlight the wasteful side of the fashion industry and serve as a dramatic message that the industry as we know it is trending in a very precarious direction. The protester was eventually tackled and carried off by security guards, but not before creating quite the buzz as fashion month officially draws to a close.