Designer Jeremy Scott wanted to bring the dolls of yesteryear to life, in Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022. Models like Gigi Hadid, Irina Shayk or Taylor Hill were transformed into Barbies meticulously dressed by Jeremy Scott. There are many details that refer to the world of childhood. We find dresses with bustiers in the shape of bunnies and teddy bears or even hair accessories in the form of rattles and mobile phones. In terms of accessories, butchers have become sand buckets or striped boxes of popcorn, or lint-filled toys, resembling a fine sheep. The designer emphasizes the two main trends of the day by offering high platform shoes, as well as several feathered pieces.
We discover a new collection of frac tops, jumpsuits with cropped jackets and quilted jackets, often found in cots. High on podiums, Lolita glasses take us to the crazy parties of the 2000s. The show ends with Gigi Hadid looking sexier than ever in a bodycon dress, making her look like she's in the skin of a child. Baby bottle in hand, smiling like a little kid Jeremy Scott, wanted to relive childhood, creating the contrast between childish vibes and mesmerizing statures, which made the show a success.