The Museum of Underwater Sculpture in Cyprus (Musan), which cost €1 million ($1.1 million) to bring to life, is made up of 93 sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor, whose previous work includes the Molinere Bay Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada and Mexico's Isla Mujeres National Marine Park.
The artworks, in particular those which represent trees, are designed to attract marine life on a large scale and as such will develop organically. These installations are placed at various depths from the seafloor to its surface, laid out to resemble a path through a dense underwater forest. Some of the tree forms float just beneath the surface so that the whole structure provides a complex environment for marine life at all levels. 
The sculptural forest made from inert pH-neutral materials will attract a wide variety of marine flora and fauna. It will be sited within 200m of the Aiya Napa coastline and be accessible to both divers and snorkellers.